Are you into sports like football, volleyball, basketball or some more unconventional?
ESN MUNI Brno has prepared a weekly sports event for you. We have booked a sports hall in Vinarska where you can gather and kick some ball every Sunday at 6 PM.

IMPORTANT: Bring clean indoor shoes. You CAN NOT use your regular shoes worn outside. And you have to have 2 pairs of shoes, one you come in and one you change to.
Also, come at 17:50 so we can start at 18:00. Thanks.

A recap:
WHEN? Every Sunday
WHERE? Vinařská hall

See you there crocodiles!

Is swimming your favorite activity?

Do something for your body and join us for Tuesday's swimming at Kraví Hora Swimming pool. ESN MUNI Brno prepares two lanes for you with capacity up to 18 people at once.

PRICE: 30 CZK for ESNcard holders
Be there around 10-15 minutes earlier to get registered and change your clothes.

If you're coming late please write here in the event so we wait for you at the entrance. Otherwise, we will wait only until 14:10. After that, you won't be able to get it with the ESN discount.

A recap:
WHEN? Every Tuesday
WHERE? Swimming Pool Kraví Hora (Údolní 76)
HOW MUCH? 30 CZK with ESNcard

See you there crocodiles!

If you have any other questions, contact us via email at