What could bring you more fun than a normal party? A SPECIAL PARTY!

Brace yourself, the experiences which you always wanted are coming! ISC MU Brno doesn't offer you only regular fun, but is always going beyond its edges. Together with Brno United (all three main universities of Brno) ISC MU Brno is preparing extraordinary nights!

Dress yourself like a pirate or a sailor, hop on a boat and enjoy the BOAT party! If you prefer to stay on a ground and overtake the city, get on a tram and enjoy two hours partying and dancing to the music at the TRAM party! After all the action, there is always a need to get to know each other without any boats nor trams. That's why you should enjoy Erasmus Night party! As your semester begins, you are part of Masaryk University family and therefore you should show the others, who the best is in Erasmus Cup tournament! 
And because everybody has a competitive spirit within the same university, let's drink and run in a Beermarathon of ISC MU Brno :)

Let's ROCK this semester!

For spring semester: Erasmus Night, Tram Party, International Ball, Boat Party, Beermarathon

For autumn semester: Erasmus Night, Tram party, Boat Party, Beermarathon

Erasmus night 9.3.
Beermarathon 23.3.
International Ball 30.3.
Tram Party 6.4.
Boat Party 27.4.
Erasmus cup 11.5.


If you have any questions, contact the Special Event Coordinator., Eliška Fojtíková  parties@isc.muni.cz