Have you ever heard about Trivia Night or Pub Quiz? 
If yes the answer is that this is it...we people (???) of ESN MUNI Brno provide our own Quiz for all the smartasses out there.

Have you never heard about an event like that?
QuizNight is a kind of activity when you go to the pub, make a team with your friends and answer tricky questions to win some cool prize and an even cooler prize for the best team at the end of the semester.
So basically you will leave pub smarter...and that´s awesome right?

Don´t worry if you are not a scientist, topics of questions are from various part of a life from philosophy through technology to celebrities. And what is more, you are playing in a team, so more people more brains more fun.

If you like what you have just read, come to join us for the first round.

Participation fee:
10 CZK with ESNcard
25 CZK without ESNcard

Spots are limited cause we can´t all fit in one place (even I really wish that, so what about renting football stadium?) first come first serve, we are starting at 8 pm.