Languages - Spring 2018
Day ESN office
4:00 PM Russian Anastasiia Yakimova
5:00 PM Spanish (Spain) Antía Fernández
6:00 PM Korean Kyu Kyung Lee
4:00 PM Spanish (Mexico) Ulises Solano
5:00 PM Albanian Armela Kryemadhi
6:00 PM Chinese (standard) Yitong Xia
4:00 PM Japanese Satoko Tsujimura
5:00 PM Slovenian Neža Marija Slosar
6:00 PM Czech Daniel Jandora + Anna Zelinková
4:00 PM Estonian Hardi Vilt
5:00 PM German Johanna Hess
6:00 PM Italian Miriam Coccia

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Where do our classes take place? ESN MUNI Brno Office, Komenského 2, building next to the Masaryk Statue (at the end of the corridor in the basement).

Entrance: Free but ONLY for ESNcard holders