Do you remember the times when you were little and you were counting down for the Christmas evening? Are you counting down right now?
We will make your countdown shorter because we prepared (with your help - even if you don’t know that yet) St.Nicolaus-Christmas evening with the children from the foster home.

Who is St.Nicolaus? It was a priest who gave out the sweets and presents to the children who were nice and the Czech tradition is that Mikuláš together with his fellas “anděl” and “čert” visit the houses in the neighborhood and give the sweets to the good children.

During this event, we will try to share our Christmas traditions with you and hopefully you decide to share some of your Christmas traditions with us and with the children. This includes singing Christmas carols, creating the Christmas decorations, creating Christmas cards, decorating the gingerbreads and dancing.

WE WANT YOU to be the part of this! HOW, you’re asking?
You can help us to provide to this children nice and authentic before Christmas experience!
1. We are looking for people who want to cooperate with us on the program
2. We are looking for 6 people who can play St.Nicolaus (Mikuláš), angel (anděl) and devil (čert), La Befana (the Italian witch), 2 Christmas dwarfs (Iceland, Sweden -Tomten)
3. We are looking for people who want to enjoy this last SocialErasmus event in Brno with us!
If you want to participate more actively sign up in the sheet for the things you would like to do:

Leave your mark with SocialErasmus and join us for this event during the Social Inclusion days.
Your SocialErasmus team ❤

06/12/2017 - 16:00 to 19:00
Kulturní Centrum Líšeň
Klajdovská 28
62800 Brno
Czech Republic