Hey Hey Hey!!

Have you enjoyed the last party and still kind of desire to go to another ISC party? I have a good news, WE have one again!

We already know, where you are from, so the time has come to show your colour! Are you single? Are you taken? Are you in a complicated situation? Are you LGBTQ? We have colours for all of you :)

Just come to the entrance, show your ESNcard and our lovely tutors/buddies will give you lighting wristband !
If you want, you can dress up to your desired colour as well, more colours more fun.

Drinks in special offer!!

vodka + juice = 50 CZK
rum + coke = 50 CZK
tequila shot for 29 CZK !!! (yes, really)
beer for 33 CZK

Entrance: ESNcard free, without 50 CZK

If you have any questions, don!t hesitate to contact Party Coordinators Martin Bláha and Mary Heribanová or Events Manager Eliška Fojtíková

See you in the EXIT :)

21/09/2016 - 23:00 to 22/09/2016 - 04:00