*** NERD TramParty, November 10th, Výstaviště hlavní vstup, 7.45pm ***

Příští zastávka//The next stop: Party! Yeah! You do hear well, it's not sarcasm! We are preparing party in the tram with DJ and bar for you!

Let's enjoy our legendary party which is one of our special events. You're gonna love that. We will go through Brno to show the rest of the world how to rave it up!

Three stops will offer you the possibility to get off, meet exchange people of Mendel university and University of Technology and hit the road for amazing 3 hours!

The theme of this party is IT NERDS. To make this party more unforgetable, stylize yourselves into IT NERDS/GEEKS "fashion" (I can recommend you second-hand-shops Genesis. They are everywhere in the city center and fashion treasures cost 29 or 49 CZK there – depends on the shop)

To sum it up:

Don't forget to create your NERD outfit. We'll meet at Výstaviště main entrance at 7.45. Please, be sharp, we can't and we won't wait. Bring your tickets, without your ticket you won't be allowed to get on the tram. Since we are providing the bar in the tram, don't bring your own alcohol. If you bring your own alcohol, you won't be allowed on the tram unless you throw it away or drink it up. We'll make three stops during our journey, so you'll have chance to meet exchange students from other universities. Final stop will be Výstaviště and then we all will continue to the afterparty in Faval club (entrance is for free for ALL of you - even if you don't go to the tram party).

WHERE: Výstaviště main entrance
WHEN: November 10th, departure time: 7.45pm Please, be sharp, we won't wait for you.
HOW MUCH: 180 CZK with ESNcard / 250 CZK without
TICKETs: available from Monday in the ISC office, opening hours: Mon-Thu, 4-7pm
AFTERPARTY: Favál music circus club, entrance for free for all of you https://www.facebook.com/favalcz/

Be cool, be nerd! And don't forget: Be nice to nerds. You may end up working for them. We all could.

With ... emotions,

10/11/2016 - 19:45 to 23:00
Výstaviště Brno
Veletrzni 1
60300 Brno
Czech Republic