Hi everybody!

Do you like wine? Do you want to see the typical traditional place where Czech people store and drink their wine? Do you want to understand our ISC motto "We have wine and love"? Then you have unique chance to see it with your own eyes! Join us and enjoy the typical Czech wine cellar, wine tasting, and some snacks in the lovely city of Šakvice!

Where? - Šakvice
When? - 7. 10. 2017
Meeting point? - KFC on the corner in front of Hlavní nádraží, 7. 10. 2017, 14:40.
Price? - 420 CZK with ESNCard / 520 CZK without

Come to our office and secure your place form Monday till Thursday, 16-19.00

Looking forward - your ISC & Mira

07/10/2017 - 14:40 to 21:00
Sakvice, South Moravian Region
Czech Republic