Hello everybody!

We have another interesting trip for you. Come with us and let's all visit the beautiful Olomouc, one of the biggest cities of the Czech Republic and a hometown of our famous smelly cheese "tvarůžky"! Olomouc is a historical town and its centre is just gorgeous.
We will have an organized guide tour, we’ll visit a Fortress of Knowledge, we’ll have a lunch together… Feeling interested? Great!

Where? - Olomouc
When? - this Saturday (October 7th)
Meeting point? - Grand Hotel Bus Station, 7:45 am
Price? - 200 with ESNcard / 300 without (+ bring your own money for the lunch at the restaurant)

Come to secure your spot into our office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, 4 pm - 7 pm.

Looking forward - your ISC & Viki

In the meantime, check how beautiful Olomouc is:


07/10/2017 - 07:45 to 20:45
Olomouc, Olomouc Region
Czech Republic