Have you ever wondered what it is like to live without one of your most important senses - sight, what it is like to be severly visually impaired?

You can now learn and try yourself without all the disadvantages. TyfloCentrum is an organisation that helps visually impaired people with their everyday struggles. They will tell you more about what it is like to be blind and then you will be able to try.

You will walk with a white cane, prepare a snack, have fun, and learn how to actually be helpful if you meet a blind person.

The capacity is only 20 people, price is 50 CZK, so hurry up to register to our office. For once you will be a morning bird because we have meeting at 7:15 AM (yes AM) in front of Masaryk statue.

See you all there, lovely people! ❤

23/03/2018 - 07:15 to 12:00
Komenského náměsti 2, room no. S109
60200 Brno
Czech Republic