Hello dear crocodiles!
First Social Inclusion event is here! What it will be about? You can show us your artistic inner talent and how? BY MOUTH PAINTING! You’ll have chance to challenge yourselves and learn something new.
It will be fun and maybe kind of messy so don’t forget to take proper clothes for it. Paint, paper, brushes and so on will be provided by us.
When: 15.3. 14:00
Where: ESN MUNI Brno office
Entrance: FREEEEEEE ❤

This event is organized under the ExchangeAbility Project (part of Social Inclusion Cause of ESN). The ExchangeAbility Project is all about making Erasmus+ program a more accessible association at all levels of its activities for students with disabilities and aims to increase the number of these students going on exchange. It’s easy for many of us to take our abilities for granted, so we’d like to help you to better understand how students with certain limitations face the world each day. Through events like these, we learn to be more empathetic, open-minded and appreciative, which only makes the world a better place.

See you on Friday!

15/03/2019 - 14:00
Czech Republic