Hello beereautiful citizens of Brno!
Have you dreamed lately about getting so drunk that you would forget all your past sins and names of all your friends?

If you answered yes or no, it doesnt matter, this event is gonna be legendary and you simply cant miss it!

BEERMARATHON - the fastest event of this semester is here!

- Make a team of 5 members
- Come to the meeting point
- Get your map
- RUN around the city center visiting pubs (6 of them)
- Accomplish tasks and drink your beer
Sign up your team here! -> http://bit.do/Beer-Marathon-Registration
(SEND your TEAM NAME & NAMES of the people participating)
I will put you on the list of contestants. Signing up is for free, you will pay just for the beers. BTW: If you don't have any team, come anyway, we will create teams on spot as well.

There will be prizes for the 3 FASTEST teams, who fulfill all the tasks!

WHERE: Meeting point at Masaryk Statue (Komenského nám. 2)
WHEN: 12.4.2018 at 20:30
PRICE: Free (you only PAY for YOUR own BEERS afterwards)
All of us will meet in club WATT after the game, where the LAST STOP of the marathon is. All the rules will be shared on spot, so don't be late! We won't wait for losers, but we're ready for the winners!!

AFTERPARTY: 10:30pm in club WATT

Even if you don't participate, come and celebrate this night with us. Dj will make you dance, bartenders will make you smile...all included Special drink list is waiting for you.

CHEERS on Thursday

Looking forward to you!
ESN MUNI Brno & Vlasta & Magdaléna

12/04/2018 - 20:30 to 13/04/2018 - 05:00
Komenského náměsti 2, room no. S109
60200 Brno
Czech Republic