DO you drink BEER and DO you like ANIMALS? 

Since you are living in beer nation right now, you can't really escape.

But what about all those empty beer bottles? Are you lazy to take them back to the store? We came up with a perfect solution for you! 
1. Keep all beer bottles in your dorm room till the beginning of April.
2. We will collect them during the first week of April (precise date will be updated)
3. & from the money we get in the store we will buy food for cats in shelters.

Do you still need motivation? The person who will collect the most bottles will win a special price. 
Another one? You will get a chance to play with cats from shelter in a lovely coffee place Pelíšek.

So, don’t hesitate and drink beer for a good cause! Cheers!
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Your SocialErasmus coordinator Daniela

02/03/2017 to 07/04/2017
Czech Republic