Hi beerholders,

we are bringing you our annual event, the legendary BeerMarathon! Maybe you have realised that we Czechs love beer. And since you're in Czech, you probably love it as well! I can imagine you have trained a lot since the beginning of the semester, so now let's check if you have done it well!

What is BeerMarathon about?
You will be splited up into several teams consisting of 4 members, running according to a map from pub to pub and in each of these pubs teams will have to drink and also solve simple tasks. Only those who will be fast, smart and alcohol resistant can win!

If you want to participate, you have to sign up your team as soon as possible (4 members/1 team). This could be done via email to parties@isc.muni.cz. Signing up is for free, but you will be paying for the beers by yourself. Come to show us how good drinkers you are!


1)Where does it start? In front of the Faculty of Medicine (Masaryk statue, Komenského nám.) at 9.00 pm, be sharp, come to hear the exact rules and get your beer maps and beer passes.

2)Do we need any tickets? No you don‘t!

3)Teams will consist of 4 members. It would be perfect if you could make your own team but also singles can come and we will hopefully pair them.

4) 'Are you serious about 6 pubs?' Yes, we are! Since the route is approx. 1 and half an hour long, you can make it easily! Plus, the smart ones drink little bit less! (You will be informed on the spot)

5)What about the rules? The start of the race is in front of the Faculty of Medicine at 9:00 pm. You will make teams consisting of 4 students. You will be provided by a map and you have to start in the selected pub. We will also provide you with the beer pass in which you will collect stamps from tutors in each pub. The rest is up to you! BUT! You CAN NOT use public transportation, it is not allowed to use a bike, car or a taxi! You can only walk or run. Every team has to drink four beers in each pub but since you are a team you can help eachother out.

IF YOU CHEAT, YOUR TEAM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. The last stop is EXIT club and you should be there in an hour or an hour and a half. The first one with all the bars/pubs stamps is the winner!! The party continues there, entrance with ESNcard is for free. Everyone is welcome!


Looking forward to see you there! I'll beer there.

Your Marie

20/10/2016 - 21:00 to 22:30
Komenskeho Namesti