• the group with the best presentation will get an awesome prize – 100 CANS OF BEER.

  • if you cannot present on the given day and you let me know in advance, I can put you on another date, providing there is space for it. If you don't let me know you are not going to present and don't ask for another date, you will not participate

  • people from ESN MUNI Brno will also be a part of the evaluation

While evaluating, we will concentrate on following:

1) Meeting the time requirements

  • each presentation is supposed to be around 15-20 minutes long. If it is too long, we will deduct some points

2) Interesting content

  • not just facts (however, some historical or geographical data might be nice), but interesting trivia, things that nobody knows, variety – those are things we are looking for.

3) Composition of your presentation

  • if you are able to compose everything into your presentation (music, dance, short scenes, food, drinks, speeches etc.) and if you are able to make it diverse enough, you can be sure that you earn yourself some extra points.

4) Food and drinks served to the audience

  • this is the only type of bribes allowed.

  • if you provide your audience with yummy stuff (the yummier the better), they will be very generous while evaluating.

5) Entertainment

  • laughter and applause are pretty good benchmarks.

  • if you make the others laugh a lot, they will remember you and give you more points.

So, all in all, entertain us, entertain the others, entertain yourself, spend unforgettable Wednesday evening and try to win the awesome price!

Amaze others, be amazed!