10 Reasons why Brno is the best choice for your Erasmus!

1. Perfect place for travellers

If you choose Brno as your Erasmus destination, it’s like getting a whole package of countries to see, not only the Czech Republic.  Just pack your backpack, take a bus or a train and go see Vienna or Bratislava. It’s just about two hours away! How cool is that?

What? Still not impressed? Well you can also go to Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Amsterdam or even Paris, Rome and Milan! It takes a couple more hours but it’s still not expensive for students.

10 Reasons why Brno is the best choice for your Erasmus!

Orientation Week in a Nutshell - autumn 2016

Weather got cool, students got gloomy, Brno became full of non-czech languages and that could mean only one thing; the autumn semester has started. Hold up before you run to school, since even before starts our favourite part of every September; the Orientation Week, which is full of fun events and activities that drive the organisers crazy and one step closer to heart attack. However, we still enjoy doing everything for you and have fun while also making sure exchange students get acquainted with their new city of residence.

Tram Party

Dress up in usual clothes, call up some friends and set out to a favourite club? It sounds little bit trite, right? However, dressing up in a fun in a superhero costume with more than 300 people who are as crazy as you… That sounds quite exciting. Meeting the Joker, Mr. Incredible, Superman or Catwoman would definitely attract your attention. However, that’s not even the main attraction! What if you find out that this party is not in a club - but in a tram, which (and this is the best part) goes through the city during normal traffic hours.

Spring Semester in Brno

Is it better to spend the autumn or spring term in Brno? What a Sophie’s choice, right? I personally consider the semester we’re in right now to be a bit better after all. Yes, there are those amazing markets before Christmas with all that atmosphere, you tend to drink punch and mulled wine pretty much all the time and snow (if you’re lucky that is) changes Brno streets in an unforgettable way.