Weather got cool, students got gloomy, Brno became full of non-czech languages and that could mean only one thing; the autumn semester has started. Hold up before you run to school, since even before starts our favourite part of every September; the Orientation Week, which is full of fun events and activities that drive the organisers crazy and one step closer to heart attack. However, we still enjoy doing everything for you and have fun while also making sure exchange students get acquainted with their new city of residence.

You may ask; what exactly is so exciting about the whole thing and why it has to last a week? Well, good question. Each orientation week starts with Brno City Game which not only helps you explore and experience the city on your own but you also have the chance to learn more about the history of the city and try some Czech tongue twisters in case you’re still not scared of the language. For example do you know why the bells at Petrov ring at 11 o’clock? Can you say “tři sta třicet tři stříbrných stříkaček” ? No to both? If not, you should ask your friends who joined Brno City Game!

There is also the boring stuff like admission and singing up for our amazing and incredible student club but the good news is that this semester no student got eaten by the terrifying Brno Dragon. Let’s just say there is a reason why Underground is full of bones. Fortunately enough, no one got lost at their dorm during our tour and those lucky ones were able to observe students trying to operate washing machines and Supo machine at Vinařská. Unfortunately, the demonstration wasn’t in price and those poor students might avoid using these machines ever again. But that’s dorm life.

Those still surviving all events until Wednesday, we had a celebratory Welcome Flag party to get them some rest. Metaphorically speaking since no one attending that party rested at all that night. For those feeling like their flag wasn’t drawn perfectly, you need to learn to appreciate modern art as Brno is full of it even in places where you wouldn’t expect like toilet stalls.

Since there is a lot of work to do at a university and everything is in Czech, there was an opportunity to work on that too and I honestly admire everyone who managed to get up at 8pm for International Dinner on the next day after party and especially those who tried Mexico’s evil spoonful of evil… I mean chilli… evil chilli… burning evil chilli. You get the idea. Well, not everyone made it through, fortunately, we had balcony right there for those not really getting along with the spices and all victims managed to recover.

All good things must come to an end and the organisers were done too thus as the week drew to a close, so did the Orientation Week. It made us all sad but it was just the beginning of an amazing stay in Brno, the city of students. Everyone made beautiful memories of a new city or of new friends that we will hopefully treasure until the end of times.



Written by: Katarína Senešiová