Sports are more and more popular these days. In other words, who wants to be trendy does a sport. I am one of the sports fans who do sports as hobby as well. Foreign students have thanks to the ISC the opportunity to choose various sports like volleyball, fitness, football, basketball and of course swimming. And although the balks are still cold and April weather is unpredictable, to swim in a swimming pool is possible any time.

It’s well known that swimming is a sport during that the less injuries happen. It eases burdened joints, which are burdened for example because of popular jogging, and strengthens the whole body. To swim doesn’t mean that you have to manage to swim away 100 m in 1 minute and 5 seconds, 40 pools in an one hour or perfectly performed butterfly. I personally can say that swimming is also a great relaxation for me. I can switch off the noise of the town and hear only my breathing.

Why do I like swimming with ISC in Brno? I certainly appreciate modern and newly equipped premises of the pool on the Cow Hill. A great advantage is the possibility of making a reservation of lanes, otherwise the pool is overcrowded all the time. Therefore, I can have a good swim. I also have a possibility to meet people in a good mood from all over the world, who love physical activity. And what more, even after an hour of swimming I feel myself to be full of energy.

If you are a fan of sports, you have some free time on Thursday before lunch and you are not afraid to show your body in a swimming costume, then come to have a swim with us.

Did you know that 11 of 10 specialists from Brno recommend swimming as the best way, how to reduce the hangover after the Wednesday’s night? ;)



Written by: Míša Doležalová