Have you ever tried the Quiz Night? What, you don’t know what it is? Then it’s the best time to find out!

Every Tuesday, at a bar, a Quiz night takes place. There is always several topics from various fields – From history, via geography, biology and other sciences, to various parts of pop culture. The questions are usually not among the easiest ones, so you won’t definitely get bored at the quiz night. Moreover, you will get to know a lot of new faces – And you will probably get to know them quite a bit better than somewhere at the party.

Do you know the formula of kitchen salt? Can you name at least five characters from The Simpsons? Do you know when Lady Gaga’s birthday is? And you don’t need Google for it? Then don’t be shy, and come to the Quiz Night!


Several teams of six people. Beer. Cocktails. A lot of fun. The winner gets a cake. Or at least a muffin. Or another sweet treat. Quiz Night has only the benefits for you. So don’t be shy and come show off a bit!

On Tuesday. We are looking forward!

Written by: Ján Svoboda