Dress up in usual clothes, call up some friends and set out to a favourite club? It sounds little bit trite, right? However, dressing up in a fun in a superhero costume with more than 300 people who are as crazy as you… That sounds quite exciting. Meeting the Joker, Mr. Incredible, Superman or Catwoman would definitely attract your attention. However, that’s not even the main attraction! What if you find out that this party is not in a club - but in a tram, which (and this is the best part) goes through the city during normal traffic hours. People doing their daily routine have a great opportunity to see something unusual. The loud music warns beforehand that something extraordinary is about to come. The people can then watch through steamed up windows as Batman dances with Minnie on the inside.

Members of ISC on Thursday, April 9th 2015 had this exact opportunity. The departure time for the tram of Masaryk University was set for 20:15 from the tram stop Brno – Výstaviště. The tram then headed to the end stop Komárov, where it met two other trams from VUT and Mendelu University. During a twenty minute break, everybody could get off the tram where all of the superheroes met friends from other universities and told them their stories. After that, they could get in any other participating tram as the party would soon continue. In the end, the tram stopped a total of three times.

As the tram passed through the main station, you could see people’s heads turn as they stared at the mobile party. Some were amazed, and some just envious because they never got the invite. This may have been the most unique and exclusive event of the whole semester to date

In the tram, there was a bar where you could find beer or cocktails. In the middle were loudspeakers producing music to set the mood.
Each tram had about 120 students making a real club environment.
At the final stop, Nové sady, comic figures had the choice to continue at “Club Two Faces” for an after party. The great procession through the city centre attracted attention from many young Czechs wondering what was going on – maybe these people were future tutors, who knows! This after party was free for everyone who dressed up and the fun went on inside!

Now the question is: when can we expect another event like this?! Almost in three weeks where a party will be this time not through the streets, but on the water – a boat party, organized by ISC. This will be another unique event; the only one of its kind in Czech. Don’t miss it, see you 30th April at the Brno’s dam! ☺



Written by: Vojtěch Pták

Translated by Eliška Fojtíková and Parker Wright