This semestr, like every other before, the annual teambuilding took place. This event is one of its kind because it is the only one who is targeted solely for tutors. This time was even more special than normaly, because the theme was by everyone adored Harry Potter.

Students were divided into 4 hogwards houses. Their job was to compete the other houses in (not only) the official disciplines. The discussion whether the Czech or the Slovak translation of „Hogwards“ and „Dumbledore“was one of the most hot topics of the whole week. But czech and slowak relations without a little bit of friendly competition would be like Harry Potter without his wand.

The participants enjoyed some good old traditional activities like bud quiz and some new extraordinery ones like Quidich. Everybody had really great time running, taking night quests or playing specially for this occasion desinged games. The sections on the ISC boards were introduced. But the most expected, highlight of the whole event was of course nowadays legendary amater acting stunts. Our chairman was without the biggest star on all the world’s stage!

The legendary dog lady Beky was helping in the kitchen. She is not a memeber of the board anymore, but that did not stopped her from being an active member and is alway willing to give a paw everywhere she is needed. Her enthusiasm inspired everyone. In case you could not participate this time, do not fall into desperation. You can apply next semester!



Written by: Adéla Klečková