Is it better to spend the autumn or spring term in Brno? What a Sophie’s choice, right? I personally consider the semester we’re in right now to be a bit better after all. Yes, there are those amazing markets before Christmas with all that atmosphere, you tend to drink punch and mulled wine pretty much all the time and snow (if you’re lucky that is) changes Brno streets in an unforgettable way.

On the other hand, if you manage to survive February greyness, you’re in for a couple of months of amazing and friendly weather. Days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and nature (among other things) is waking up. We can enjoy sitting and lying around in parks with friends (possibly with a nice glass of wine) or walking under blooming trees around the legendary Spilberk castle or Denis Gardens. In times like these even uni plays second fiddle. With the growing temperature the numbers of students at lectures are rapidly shrinking, while the number of visitors occupying the outside seating of Brno pubs is suspiciously moving up. And, as you can imagine, the improving weather is a necessary condition of many outdoor events taking place.

We’re gonna leave all the sneaking around and discovering the well (and less so) known spots of the Moravia’s second biggest city to you. We’re not gonna deprive you of the amazing feeling of finding an unknown nook around the city. However, we really wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of the forthcoming events. That’s why we created a map for you, containing all the best that’s waiting for you in the coming days and weeks. Our plan is to update it regularly so you can always find fresh information there. All you need is to get ready – the SPRING IN BRNO is just about to begin!


Written by: Jakub Lacák

Translation: Tereza Lacinová