On the last Saturday of February some of the exchange students went on a trip to a historic centre of the town Znojmo. The whole group took a bus in the morning and it did not take long to get there.

The city tour started at the city walls where brief history of the place was told. Also a competition, in which it was possible to win a bottle of Znojmo wine, was announced there. The task for the competing teams was to answer questions about history of Znojmo and Czech Lands.

This was followed by a walk to the Monastery of Minorites – today there is a South Moravian Museum. Next, the students got to see the Znojmo Castle courtyard with a beautiful view of the river Dyje (Thaya) and the Monastery of Premonstratensians in Louka, which used to be one of the most important monasteries in Central Europe. We must not forget the city dominant - Romanesque Rotunda of Saint Catherine, where we took group picture. The tour then continued to the Saint Nicolas Church and to Masaryk Square, where the students tried to find a stone plaque marking the spot where, as the legend says, king Zikmund fell of his horse and died in the castle as a consequence. After lunch we continued with the underground visit. There the students could choose between a traditional and an adrenaline route. They were both unforgettable. The last place the students visited was Znojmo Town Hall Tower from which, when the weather is nice, it is possible to see the Alps

After a long day the group went back to Brno, all full of new experience. I believe that everybody enjoyed the trip and that they will join us in other trips organized by the ISC MU Brno in the future.

Written by: Míša Doležalová

Translation: Viktorie Melichová