As you may have already found out, Brno is famous for its countless cafes. Beer? Of course, you can get it almost everywhere. But finding a good cup of coffee, that can be tricky. That is why we decided to guide you around a few remarkable places within the centre of Brno, so that you know where you won’t make a mistake.

The first stop was Café Mezzanine. A regular participant of the Coffee Week, great desserts, non-smoking. And most importantly, you get a 10% discount on all consumption with your ESN card. And it’s right in the centre. So, why not?

Next place is called Café Morgal – As in “Moravian Gallery”, because it’s situated within it’s premises, on the Moravian Square. Nice spot, and they even cook, so in case you get hungry, you know where to go.

We also put the Bar, which doesn’t exist on the list, even though it’s not really a café, but they DO have coffee in there, and it’s really good. Their cocktails and other drinks are a chapter of its own, as well as the staff here. And make sure that you have a reservation before going here, this is a VERY popular place.

The Typos café in the Czech TV building is definitely worth mentioning. Cozy interior and yummy delicacies will make you stop a bit and just relax.

Our last stop was Café Placzek, which offers a unique interior, coffee from their own roaster, and breakfast served throughout the whole day. So, if you are used to getting up at 3 pm (Right? :P), this is your spot. And the desserts here are just delicious. As for me, I can recommend the Butterbeer – Great stuff for winter depressions, which will warm you on the body and on the soul.


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Written by: Jan Svoboda