It has become custom that each semester starts with a series of cultural events one of the most popular, with tasting of Moravian wine. Brno as the center of Moravia offers foreign students a unique opportunity to try the best wine in the Czech Republic.

There are countless numbers of great places in Brno, where you can go if you want to taste this drink (in Czech we say “in wine is hidden truth”). We visit a generous family facility called Vinárium in a large group. Where we were welcomed by the owner and also by several samples of wines with different flavours, scents and colours. We had an opportunity to lose ourselves in sweet tones of Rulandské bílé or in reverse to try the power of Modrý Portugal. All of the wines, which we tried, came from selected Moravian wine vineyards’. Vineyards’ Košut or Lípa are worth mentioning, their high-quality wines were even awarded a prize from community of experts.

In our group of tasters, there were few true experts from the countries, which mainly produce wine. Students from France, Portugal or Spain had probably felt like Charles IV, because when he’d tried Czech wine for the first time it was little bit tart, but like Charles the students adjusted to the Czech wine in the end.  In fact, the exchange students loved it so much, that they refused to go away

 without more bottles of it. Together the group drank many bottles with the fantastic night view of Petrov and with the great bunch of foreigners, who have probably have a better understanding of how Moravia smells and tastes after wine.



Written by: Aneta Čedíková

Translation: Eliška Fojtíková