Erasmus Night... Like... Another Erasmus party? Why? Hasn't there been enough of them? NO!


In Favál, three universities have met under the auspices of Brno United, a union of three Brno ESN sections. And there was a lto to offer this time! And what was it all actually about? Well... The Erasmus were supposed to get to know each other a little bit more among each other, and not just within one university. So the Parties Girls had prepared a game for them. Find your counterpart. So Fiona was looking for Shrek, Mr Smith was looking for Mrs Smith, Angelina was looking for Brad, etc. All successfully united couples have received a small amenities from the Pepino company, which produces... Guess what? Let me give you a hint... Not tyres! :P Because safety first, hmm?


To make things even better, there were a few competitions on the main stage taking place after midnight. Drinking beers on time, drinking a bucket on time, etc. The party had finished in the morning hours, with no shortage of entertainment. And how did those guys actually pair up? See for yourselves...


Written by: Jan Svoboda