The time that puts the smile on our faces is here once again (unless we let the big presents shopping spree spoil it for us). Yes, we are talking about Christmas. There are only several days left and we have to enjoy them fully. Luckily we are in Brno, so that should be easy.

Let us begin in Náměstí Svobody – our not-to-be-missed tradition. Passing a stall with hot punch or mulled wine, and not drinking any would be a crime. If you can’t decide what to buy, Turbomošt (or any other beverage at this particular stall) is always a good call. You won’t regret, I guarantee it. You can also enjoy your drink while watching a film in the Winter Cinema.

The traditional Christmas in Zelný trh is a little different this year (not so traditional :) ) This year, because of the reconstruction of Zelný trh, it takes place in Moravské náměstí instead. This is –apart from big selection of beverages and meals - another reason to go there. It is truly a unique opportunity to experience “Christmas in Zelný trh” in Moravské náměstí, isn’t it?

On December 5th another Brno Christmas event begins – it is the Christmas market at Výstaviště.


There are many things you can do before Christmas in Brno. We have created a small map with the places thst we find interesting. You can find it here:


Have a good time and enjoy the pre-Christmas time in Brno(or anywhere else)!


Written by: Jakub Macák

Translation: Viktorie Melichová