We are bringing you another report from our regular Wednesday parties. Next in the row was the first party organized in Brno United cooperation. Brno United is an informal union of the three Brno ESN sections, a.k.a. ISC MU, ISC VUT and ISC MENDELU.

And which colour were you actually supposed to show? Well... I guess that you all know, what the traffic light looks like, don't you? You could have chosen from three colours of bracelets.  RED meant “I already have my boyfriend/girlfriend, back off”. Orange belonged to the indecisive ones and meant “you may try it, but don't expect much”. Green then obviously gave enough space to those single, open ones. Take a look at the photos and decide, whether it worked, or not. ;)

Dress code... What was the dress code? Preferred colours were the aforementioned red, orange and green. If you would have come dressed as a traffic light, you would probably be sending some veeeery mixed signals... So up to your taste.

Our Parties Girls had also prepared some colourful welcome drinks, which were gone literally in a few moments.

Well, three universities in one club are a completely different cup of tea...