Your membership in ISC MU Brno will bring you a wide range of benefits and make your stay in Brno easier, happier and unforgettable!

As a member od ISC MU Brno you will be a holder of an internationally recognized ESNcard and entitled to:

  • free entrance to Country presentations and parties organized by ISC MU Brno (otherwise 20 CZK entrance to each Country presentation and 50 CZK to party)
  • free participation in language courses (only members can participate)
  • participation in our regular sport events for just 30 CZK (only members can participate)
  • an option to take part in numerous trips and excursions for lower prize (for each trip there is a limited number of spots and our members have a priority)
  • QuizNights for 10 CZK and Board Games for free (otherwise 25 CZK entrance fee)
  • be part of SocialErasmus and EchangeAbility activities (only members can participate)
  • participate on cultural events such as visiting opera, wine tasting, etc. for lower prize
  • various discounts in Brno and other European cities - to see the discouts go to

To become a member, register on our webside (Pick up/Buddy registration form, fill it just once) and come to see us at our office where you pay registration fee, which is:

  • 500 CZK per year for exchange students
  • 300 CZK per yer for exchange students who are holders of valid ESNcard during the whole stay
  • 100 CZK per year for degree students at the MU

Please take a passport size foto with you, without it your ESNcard is not valid!

As a gift you will get free Vodafone SIM card with a special tarif for international students and 150 CZK credit.