Erasmus Student Network MUNI Brno (ESN MUNI Brno) is a non-profit and non-political student organization established in summer 2003 (as International Student Club MU Brno - ISC MU Brno) in order to help exchange students coming to study at Masaryk University (MU) in the new setting. In August 2004, ISC Brno became part of Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

Throughout the semester, we organize several activities for the exchange students. Their main aim is to promote the better involvement of the exchange students in Czech student society and the local cultural life. The main pillars of our activities are:

  • Buddy Programme - each incoming student (if willing) is paired with one Czech tutor who is supposed to help him after arrival and also during the whole stay
  • Country Presentations – once a week the students have a chance to present their country to others (by a short video, theatre performance, dance, etc.)
  • Language Courses - students can get involved either in language courses (one student teaching group of students) or so-called tandem (two students teaching each other his/her mother tongue)
  • Trips & Excursions - we organize shorter trips (in the Czech Republic, e.g. cities around Brno or National Reservations) and longer excursions (e.g. to Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Wroclaw, …)
  • Sports - either regular or one-shot sports events (e.g. futsal or beach-volleyball)
  • Cultural Events - Cultural Events are trips taken only inside Brno city and organized solely by ISC to show you the beauties of our city
  • Parties - on some Wednesday nights in a club or in another announced time at different places like the Tram Party, Beer Marathon, Boat Party, Erasmus Night and much more! Check out our section for more!